Chicken Parm

The Chicken parm

Some people called Chicken parm as a Chicken parmigiana. This is a kind of dish that can be found if pe people visit Australia, North America, United Kingdom, and Argentina. This is an italian style dish that quite popular. This is a dish that made from chicken breast. The chef who made the Chicken parm usually will serve the Chicken parm with the breaded chicken breast or chicken schnitzel. Then the chicken will be covered with tomato based neapolitan sauce and cheese.

There are several countries that serve Chicken parm. Each countries can serve the Chicken parm in a different style based on their country’s style. Some countries will serve the Chicken parm along with several side dishes such as chips and salad. In North America, people can enjoy their Chicken parm along with pasta or as the fillings of sandwiches. Whatever it is, the taste of Chicken parm will never change.


If you like to eat some dessert, maybe you would like to try Pavlova. Pavlova is a kind of dessert from Russia. It is a dessert that adapted the name from Russian Ballerina, Anna Pavlova. Pavlova is a kind of meringue cahe that has a crisp crust and soft. Pavlova usually topped with several kind of fruits and whipped with a whipped cream. Even though the name is come from a Russian ballerina, Pavlova have a different way to pronounce with the Anna Pavlova’s name.

Actually, Pavlova was created by Anna Pavlova during her tour on Australia and New Zealand. And you need to know that Pavlova is a popular dessert that become the most important part of the national cuisine of Australian and New Zealand because of that reason. The Pavlova have a simple recipe that every people will able to make it. Usually, Pavlova is served during holiday or a celebration.

Meat Pies

the first pie in the world

Did you know that meat pies is the first pie in the world? Yes, meat pies already exist since the ancient egypt era during the Neolithic Period. At that time, they use the meat pies as a diet food. The pies just made from oat, wheat, rye and barley. People put honey as the fillings of the pie, then they baked it over the hot coals. Greeks also consume pie at that time.

These days, there are a lot of variation about meat pies that you can find in every countries in this world. Each countries will use a different meat for the fillings of their meat pies. In Louisiana, meat pies become the official food. It is called as Natchitoches meat pies. Natchitoches come from the name of a town in Louisiana. Usually, along with the meat, people will fill the meat pies with onions to add more taste.

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